Text Editor

UPBGE has a Text Editor among its editor types, accessible via the Editor type menu, or the shortcut Shift-F11.


Text Editor for Python/GLSL edition.

Main View

Typing on the keyboard produces text in the text buffer.

As usual, pressing, dragging and releasing LMB selects text. Pressing RMB opens the context menu.


Usages for the Text editor

The Text editor is handy also when you want to share your blend-files with others. The Text editor can be used to write in a README text explaining the contents of your blend-file. Be sure to keep it visible when saving!


Running Scripts

The most notable keystroke is Alt-P which makes the content of the buffer being parsed by the internal Python interpreter built into UPBGE. Before going on it is worth noticing that UPBGE comes with a fully functional Python interpreter built-in, and with a lots of Blender/UPBGE-specific modules.


This script execution takes place outside Game Engine, and it is focused for development purpose only. If you want to execute a Python script into the Game Engine checks the Python Scripting chapter.