Armature Actuator

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See the Python reference of this logic brick in BL_ArmatureActuator.

The Armature Actuator is used to modify bone constraints.


Armature Actuator.


The Armature Actuator is only available for armature objects.


Constraint Type

Action to perform on the bone constraint.

Run Armature

Enables an armature to be allowed to move.


Used to disable a constraint by selecting the constraint via the Data ID.

Set Target

Used to change the constraint’s Target by selecting the new target via the Data ID.

Set Weight

Used to change the weight of a constraint by selecting a new weight with the Weight field.

Set Influence

Used to change the influence of a constraint by selecting a new influence with the Influence field


Several of the Constraint Types need you to select a constraint to use, this is done via this Data ID.