Joystick Sensor

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See the Python reference of this logic brick in SCA_JoystickSensor.

The Joystick Sensor triggers whenever the joystick moves. It also detects events on a range of ancillary controls on the joystick device (shoulder triggers, buttons, etc.). More than one joystick may be used (see “Joystick Index”).


UPBGE maps all the joysticks against the layout of Xbox 360 game controller. This way is easier to setup the different movements or actions because you have to do it for one type of controller only.


Joystick sensor.


See Sensor Common Options for common options.

Event Type

A menu to select which joystick event to use, each is described later.

Joystick Index

Specifies which joystick to use.

All Events

Sensor triggers for all events on this joystick’s current type.

Stick Directions

Detect movement in a stick


Joystick Stick Directions.


Stick to detect a input: Left Stick/Right Stick.

Stick Direction

Direction of the stick moving: Right/Left, Up/Down.

Stick Axis

Detects the axis of the joystick.


Joystick Stick Axis.

Stick Axis

Which axis either of the sticks are moving on Left Stick Horizontal/Vertical, Right Stick Horizontal/Vertical.

Shoulder Triggers


Joystick Shoulder Triggers.


Triggers that are used: Left/Right Shoulder Trigger.



Joystick Buttons.


Buttons that are used: A, B, X, Y, Dpad Right/Left/Up/Down, Right/Left Shoulder, Right/Left Stick, Start and Guide.