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See the Python reference of common objects in KX_GameObject.


Supported object types in Add menu.

UPBGE supports several object types from Blender, as listed below. The unsupported object types (like Curve, Metaball, Lattice, etc) can be present at Blender scene, but will be removed automatically at game start, so they should not be taken in account in game development process.


Definitions present in this section are related to object’s behavior at game runtime. For definitions about object editing inside Blender editor, refer to Properties Editor.

Each object type will be explained at its respective page, but all of them have common attributes and features which will be explained in this page. Those attributes and features are:

Ability to contain logic and game properties

This means that logic and property changing is not bound to specific object types: any object can run logic. This should be used with caution, as scattering logic and properties across multiple objects can turn any project into a mess.

Ability to have a physics type

This means that any object can react to physics, even if this object can’t be visible at runtime (as any object other than Mesh objects). However, only Mesh objects can benefit from certain collision bounds, like Triangle Mesh and Convex Hull.

World and local transformation values

Even non-visible objects fit a point in scene space. These transformation values are stored in object in a form of world and local transforms (like position, scale and orientation). Note that local transforms are relative to object’s parent (or world center, if it lacks a parent).

Ability to have animations playing on it

Although Mesh and Armature objects benefits more from this feature (with Shape Keys and Armature actions, respectively), any object can be animated at runtime, from transformations to some specific object attributes.

General object values

These general values varies from object color, slow parent’s time offset, etc.

Those attributes and features are present in every object type, with no exception. Other attributes depends on specific object types, like Lamps or Cameras.